How to reduce weight fast: Cut inches like a pro


How to reduce weight fast? Are you looking for the answer to this question? Probably you are at right place. Here is your guide to really quick weightloss.

However, there is no magic which can cut your inches overnight but you can definitely accelerate the process.

There are thousands of weighloss diet plans, supplements, deinks and numerous type of weighloss kits avilable in the market.

But the real dilemma is which one is right for you? Are they even worth giving a try?

Let us keep it very simple. Starting with the simplest thumb-rule of an effective weight loss you need to keep an eye on the total amount of calories you take and how much you burn out of it.

In simple words, you need to be on a typical caloric deficit diet inorder to burn thoes extra calories stored in the form of fat.

No, it doesn’t mean to keep your body at an alarming starvation mode. It may cause muscles loss followed by several other health issues.

Weight loss is all about how much determined you are to lose weight. Be strong and patience and let the magic happen.

Here we are sharing few scien based steps to help you to burn thoes extra calories really fast.

Stepwise strategy to lose weight fast –

1. Consult a doctor –

Many of you must be wondering why should I consult a doctor? it is just about weight loss.

But we strongly recommend you to visit your doctor as a very first step to your weight loss journey.

Why ? first of all you need to understand that why you are gaining thoes extra pounds ? Is it just about accumulation of extra calories.

Or a medical condition is responsible for it? There are many health issues which are found to be inhibit significant weight loss of the body.

Few of them are Vitamin D deficiency, Pcos / pcod , throid and many more.

It is better to make sure if you are not suffering from any of them so that a stretegic weightloss regim can be desined for you.

Remember you can never achive your goal weithout proper stretegy. This will keep you away from unwanted stress.

If you are someone who is putting too much effort in gym still not able to see positive results the you should consult a doctor first.

2. Diet is the hero –

Diet plays main role in weight loss. If you are spending hours in gym and taking crash diet, forget about weight loss.

If you really want to lose weight quickly, you should follow a low-carb, protein rich and fiber-rich diet plan cutomised according to your daily caloric requirement.

As we already mentioned, your diet should be caloric deficit. Choose food items which are low in calories but rich in other essential nutrients. Some of them are –

  • Apples
  • Oatmeal
  • Strawberries
  • Eggs
  • Chicken breast
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Broth

there are many generalied diet plans avilable on the internet. If you feel like , you can definately go with them.

But we would recommend recommend you to visit a dietitian or nutritionist to get better and quick results.

Following a diet without understanding your body may end up into slow or may be no result. This may end up into great frustration.

3. Include weight training-

If you want to loose weight fast, start lifting as soon as possible. Atleast 3-4 times a weak.

Lifting weight can help you to accelerate your metabolic rate to a significant level. And hence you can easily burn a good amount of calories.

A combination of low carb and protein rich diet along with weight training can help you to loose fat mass and can increase muscel mass.

More muscles means better metabolic rate. A good metabolic rate can help you to loose weight fast.

Whole process of weightloss revolve around metabolic rate. If you can develop your ways to boost it, you are on sucess path.

Moreover a good weight training may ensure you a significant inch loss without loose skin. That can prove the biggest plus point of weight training.

4. Drink significant amount of water –

If you will ask your trainer hey! how can I reduce weight fast? , thenyour trainer may suggest you to increase your water intake.

Why so ? it is found that drinking a good amount of water can increase your metaboloc rate.

Moreover it can surpress appetite to a significant level. resulting into less eating.

which can help you to loose weight or maintain weight .


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